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Must an external siren be hardwired to my wireless control panel? - VIDEO INCLUDED

posted this on August 30, 2011, 2:01 PM

Depending on the panel and wireless service that you have, you can use either a wired or wireless siren.  Keep in mind, the Simon XT (and several other panels and keypads) include a loud piezo siren built into the panel keypad.  The instructions below are for an additional and optional siren.

  • If you have LiveWatch Complete and a GE SimonXT:
    • You can use the Wireless Zwave Siren as long as  you are subscribed to our LiveWatch Complete service (it includes zWave home automation devices).  
    • This is most recommended for an additional siren for the XT, if you must have an additional exterior siren for a particular reason.
  • For a wired, additional, optional siren for the Simon XT (not recommended or required for most configurations):
    • On the GE Simon XT the external siren must be hardwired to the panel (on DCOUT (Positive or RED wire) and HWIN1 (Negative or BLACK Wire) specifically).   
    • The GE Simon XT puts out 250mA. 
    • As long as you have a siren that draws less than 250mA, you can hook it up directly to the panel.
    • One siren that can be used for this is listed here. Note, wired sirens like this only include DIY online support and is not Advantage Eligible for phone or Live Chat Support without a support package.
    • If you want to use a louder siren ( which typically draw about 1000mA ), you will need an additional power supply and a  relay to have the panel trip the loud siren. (Again, not recommended for most configurations.)
  • For a wired, additional, optional siren for your Simon 3 watch the two videos below. These videos show you how to wire an external siren and how to wire the auxiliary power and relay respectively.
Video -  How to Wire an External Siren - Simon 3

Video - How to Wire the Auxiliary Power and Relay - Simon 3