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How to program sensors into a GE Concord 4 panel

Chris P
posted this on March 2, 2012, 4:59 PM

This is how to program sensors into your Concord system. Any hardwired sensors should already be installed and wired to the control panel. Wireless sensors do not need to be installed yet, it may be easier to program them first and mount them afterwards.

Note: The Concord comes with zones 1-8 programmed out of the box, if you are connecting hardwired zones to a new panel you will want to edit the zones, rather than learn them, since they are already programmed by default. If you are not using any hardwired zones you can delete zones 1-8, or simply strap resistors across them.

You will need the installer code and an alpha keypad in order to get into programming mode.

Start with the panel disarmed. Then hit 8 and the keypad will say

Enter Code

Type in 4 3 2 1 (or your installer code if you changed it) if it is the right code you will see

Enter Command

Punch in 0 0 and it should say


If you do not see this screen you may need to try the previous steps again without any pauses,

Hit # and you will see


Hit B B B B B B B B (the down arrow) to get to


Hit # and it will say

Learn Sensors

Hit # again and you will see

Sensor Partition

Hit # again and it will say

Sensor Group

Enter in the correct group for the type of sensor you are adding, then hit # and it will tell you to

Trip Sensor

Or it will tell you to trip the next available sensor number, if you already have some sensors programmed in.

For wireless devices tamper the sensor (by removing the cover and/or battery or pressing the test button), for hardwired devices activate the sensor (by opening the door or window, walking in front of the motion, or pressing the test button.)

The keypad will beep and go to the next sensor number. To change the next sensor group before you learn in the next sensor hit * , enter the correct group, and then hit # . If the next sensor is going to be the same type as the last one you can simply trip it now without changing the group.

When you are done adding sensors hit * * * to get back to


Hit the A (up arrow) and it will say

Exit Programming

Hit # to exit programming.