I want to arm all of my sensors or motion sensors except one, how can I do this?



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    Suketu Patel

    If I get GE Simon XT with extra touchscreen keypad, can I bypass sensor using touchscreen keypad.

    Also can we have different settings saved so I dont have to do press bypass each time. 

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    LiveWatch Security

    The only way you can bypass from the touchscreen is if you arm the system with a door or window already open. If you do that then a box will pop up on the screen that says ''BYPASS'', you would then press the bypass icon and it would bypass the sensor that is open. .

    Unfortunately there is not a setting to automatically bypass a certain sensor(s) each time you arm the system.  Bypassing is something you have to manually do each time you arm the system.

    For additional help on how to bypass please click here.

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