Help! My alarm goes off as soon as I open the door!



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    Adi Bas

    Good morning.

    We would like to know how to set the entry delay time for the front door at few seconds only (10 sec maximum) or, at least to be able to set the phone call delay time at zero secs!!!

    From our point of view, the minimum entry delay (30sec) plus the delay for the phone call (15sec) is too long i.e. there are 45sec since the moment when a burgler opens the front door (the usual burgler's entry in case of apartments) and the moment when our central station receives the alarm.

    We are an us gov agency, we started to replace the old Commander 2000 panel (for this panel, the minimum delay time for entry is 8 sec) with the new fancy Simon XT and, this enormous delay time for entry (45sec) we believe is's a great handicap vs. a proper residential security.

    P.S. We have our own central station plus our own local guard force and we are not afraid of false alarms received from the residences we are supposed to protect. Plus, to set group 13 for the front door it's not an option for us...

    In rest, we are completly satisfied with this new model and the new faetures built in it.

    Thank you for your attention and we are waiting to hear from you asap.

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    LiveWatch Security

    Hi Adi,


    Thank you for choosing LiveWatch Security! 


    We want to get you protected the best way possible. In a real emergency we would like the authorities to be dispatched as quick as we can to get you the help you need. With the Simon XT panel the shortest you can set the time you have to enter the house is 30 secs. Then once the entry delay is over the alarm siren activates and then the dial-er delay ( the time before we call you in an alarm ) starts and we recommend that to be at 30 seconds but is adjustable to 15 seconds minimum.


    That is the shortest time frame you can adjust the setting to get the authorities dispatched without turning the entry delay off. You can turn the entry delay off by pressing the doors and windows button twice to arm the system with no entry delay. So if somebody walks through the door it will activate the alarm siren right away with no 30 second entry delay. That way you will have the authorities dispatched quicker. When you turn the entry delay off and leave the location,  you just have to make sure to disarm the system before opening up the door or else you will set off the alarm right away . If you plan on doing this I recommend using a key chain remote to disarm the system before you open the door. You can order some off of this link here


    Our systems also have the compatibility to be controlled remotely on a computer or mobile phone if you have the appropriate service plan. That way you can disarm the system on your phone before you open up the door.


    Those are your options with having the authorities dispatched as quickly as possible when somebody opens up the door.


    I hope this helps. Let us know if there is any other way we can assist you.


    Kind regards!



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