How Do I Pay My Bill Online?



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    Pat & Irene

    Link 'click to email" does not work...

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    Thank you for your comment, Irene.  We have updated the Article.  Here is more information about how to use the "Click to Email" link above:

    Clicking this link will generate an email using your default email program (in many cases it will open Outlook).  The e-mail will have a preset subject line and will show you where within the body of the email to type your account information.  You can follow the steps below to send the email.  If an e-mail is not generated, it may be due to settings on your computer (e.g. pop-up blockers or email settings), then you can send us an e-mail at with your account information as described in the article above and receive the same response.

    1) In the body of the email, provide us with as much information as you can (e.g. First Name: "Daniel")

    2a) If the email is created in your preferred email program, hit send and you are done, otherwise:

    2b) Create a new email in your preferred email program, copy the text from the body the one auto-generated for you into this newly created email and send it to and you are done.

    3) We will reply with a link to pay online based on the information that you provide to us in the email.

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    Naunit Patel

    Generally email is not secure unless encrypted. It is not a safe method to send personal information. A safer and secure method would be a SSL connection to your server or landline phone call.

    Also, most of us currently use email services provided by Google, Yahoo, etc and not Outlook from a single computer.

    This may be efficient for Safemart but not for your customer. A customer friendly approach is needed.


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    LiveWatch Security

    Thank you for your comment, Naunit.

    We are sympathetic to your concerns and are working on a brand new customer portal to make credit card updates seamless. Even now, credit card information is only transmitted from within the SSL portal we provide directly to customers who request a secure link to pay online or update their billing information.


    If your concern is regarding sending too many identifying factors to us via e-mail in order to request a secure link for online payment, we can usually identify your account with a minimum of information:

    • If you wish to update the information for your recurring billing, submitting your e-mail address with your first and last name - or your e-mail address with your account number - is often all the information we need to provide the requested link.
    • If you have a specific invoice you would like to pay online, the invoice number and your preferred e-mail address are all that we require, thereby keeping the personal information transmitted to a minimum.

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