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    Joe T

    Hi Frank, 

    Thank you for your interest in SafeMart's award winning LiveWatch monitoring services.  Thousands of customers are switching to SafeMart for monitoring services, not only because our monitoring is as low as $9.95 per month, but also because SafeMart is the most recommended company in home security.

    As for switching your phone line, we can almost certainly help you change the phone number.  It's a pretty simple process:

    1) The first step is to speak with one of our security consultants to determine which of our award winning monitoring services is right for you

    2) Once that is done, you will setup an activation appointment with one of our monitoring specialists who will walk you through how to process the transfer.

    There are three convenient ways you can get in touch with our security consultants:

    1) call  1-800-628-6093

    2)  Click Here to Send an Email

    3)  Click Here to Submit a Form for a call back.

    Please also consider the SimonXT with Plug & Protect™.  It is our most popular service and we can most likely connect it with your existing sensors.  This will give you the best service options in the industry without having to build a whole new system.

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    Frank Chapman

    Thank you Joe. I am working with your sales people to purchase a Concord 4 for this house.  I am planning to use the touchpad I get for this system to program my daughter's system, which is the Concord Express, which currently has a fixed touchpad.  I will ask her to call ADT to obtain the password for her system.  If they do not give it to her, and I don't know why that would happen, Is there a way to reset the Concord Express to go back to its default setup?  She wants to do this as soon as possible.  However, it can't happen until I get my touchpad I believe.

    Thank you,



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    Joe T

    If you are not able to retrieve the code, there is is no reset on the Express. You can replace the unit with a Concord 4 or Simon XT.

    Provided you do get it, you will need that touchpad connected to enter programming.

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    Frank Chapman

    Joe, I am attaching a picture I took today of the existing keypad.  I did not see a model number on it.  But it is connected to the Concord Express.  I am buying a GE Superbus 2000 ATP1000, 60-983 keypad.  Assuming I can get hold of the password for the Concord Express, I was hoping I could temporarily connect the new keypad to the Concord Express just until I got the new number programmed in.  Then I would remove it, leaving the Express configured and wired just has it has been, but with a new number.  The Concord Express is working fine for her, but she would like to save some money by switching to your monitoring service.

    Would that work?


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    Frank Chapman

    I just found a manual for the Express online and it says the following keypads will work:

    • SuperBus 2000 2x16 LCD Alphanumeric Touchpad (60-746-01)

    • SuperBus 2000 2x20 LCD Alphanumeric Touchpads (60-803, 60-809)

    • SuperBus 2000 2x20 VFD Alphanumeric Touchpad (60-804, 60-810)

    • SuperBus 2000 Fixed Display LCD Touchpad (60-820)


    Unfortunately, it doesn't list the one I am buying.

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    Frank Chapman

    I just looked in the manual for the ATP1000 keypad and it lists the Concord Express as a panel it is compatible with.  Perhaps the reason the keypad was not listed in the Express manual is because the ATP1000 had not been developed at the time the Express was sold.  The ATP1000 manual states:

    "Compatibility: ...........................Concord, Concord Express, Concord Ultra"

    It states to buy a cable to connect the ATP1000 to the Concord Express.  I am wondering whether that is really necessary, and just the 4 conductor #22 cable will work.


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    Joe T

    The 60-983 will in fact work with the Express. This is a newer 2x16 LCD touchpad that was not out when the Express was being used. The 22/4 will work just fine. 

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