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    Bobby Driskell

    You may say you have award winning service but in my case it wasn't and still isn't.

    My unit died and I called for replacement on 9/6/17  and was helped by a nice lady she

    said that it was covered for free replacement and they would be sending out the next

    business day.  I waited until 9/16/17 to call to see what had happened.  I was told that

    it wasn't sent and would not be a free replacement.  After this nice man looking into

    everything he found out that it would be free and apologized that it wasn't already sent.

    After a long wait and him working through his supervisors he got it approved to be sent

    to me next day delivery.  So great, it arrived Tuesday about 12:30 pm  I brought it inside

    and there were no instructions on how to get started with replacing the exiting one.

    I plugged it into the wall, which has turned out to be a problem as it beeps every 5 mins

    day and night, even unplugged.  I called the help number and a nice lady answered she

    said there were things you all had to do to make it work.  She said she did her part and the

    rest had to be done but the tech support.  She kept trying to call them but they never answered

    according to her.  She took my number and said that she would have them to call be as soon

    as they could.  I waited (that was Tuesday afternoon and no call all night.  When I got up this

    morning there was an email about an new ticket number and wanted to me to contact you all

    filling out the form, which I did.  I requested a call after 2pm today, well so far no call.  Calling

    you all is an all day thing as the whole time is long.  Please help me get my unit activated?

    Prove to me you have a ward winning service as you here every minute you are holding on

    the phone to talk to someone. 

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    Gayler Conlin

    I am trying to verify a new email address. You gave me this link, but there is no obvious method to verify the new address

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