Have Ademco. Switched to VoIP. Need a new system. What do you recommend?



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    Steven Warren

    If you prefer to stick with Honeywell brand (which owns Ademco) you could upgrade to the new Honeywell Lyric Security & Automation controller. You won't need a separate panel, it communicates via WiFi with the Six series sensors, has cellular communicator card that can be swapped out with a system reboot and has multiple automation protocols supported/upgradable.

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    Jay Lee

    Mind the DTMF mixed quality BADLY effects your communications. I have a real story for you; I'm calling one of my banks, they Rep is transferring me to a robot to enter my pin #... I'm entering it, and the robot can't understand the pin. The robot says to enter again... after 3 tries it gives up. ...., and it does not understand your commands due to the line in not DTMF. You must troubleshoot DTMF problems with your VoIP connection through https://route-test.com/voip-quality-delay-jitter-measurement/. They offer free testing credits. You can find the solution quickly. #VoIP

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