Are any of the wireless products cross compatible? Can you use a GE sensor on a Honeywell wireless system and vice versa?



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    Steven Warren

    You can reference the Accessory Compatibility section on the Google+ community I setup for the Tuxedo Touch.  Please note that not all products from manufacturers mentioned in the section are compatible, only specific models posted are confirmed compatible.

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    Gabrielc Ramirez1980

    Yes they are compatible! I integrate wireless sensors often. I install BOSCH, GE, and HONEYWELL i also service and help maintain these systems. Ive been trained by the alarm system whisperers. Anyways there is a device that connects directly to the kepad terminals on the device there is 2 dials for address setting and for models communicating. I can't think of the name right now and also really don't want to give that information up especially to so call know-it-alls that answer questions that are incorrect I'll tell you this much though the device you want two words the first word starts with an r.

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