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    Kelly O'Niell


    Great questions, yes you can use the same GSM (cellular communicator) in both the Simon XT and the Simon XTi. There are a couple different things you have to be aware of, the GSM that is required for the Simon XTi is the latest revision which is Rev.4 - firmware version 151 or higher. That rev of GSM will work with any of the Simon XT panels Rev 1.4 or newer.

    GSMs used in panels Rev1.3 or older of the Simon XT will not work in the Simon XTi panel, you can find the revision on your Simon XT by pressing the down arrow and scrolling until you see ''RevX.X''

    On the new Simon XTi panels you do have the option to leave the panel screen on default which means it will be lit up all the time. The other option would be to set it to ''blank'' and 2mins after the system has been used it will automatically go to a dark screen with no lights or icons. You can ''wake it up'' when you are ready to use it by simply touching the screen.

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    Justin Denton

    Are there instructions on how to perform the upgrade from a Simon XT to the XTi?  Does this involve reprogramming all sensors to work with the new panel? 

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    Dustin Schrader


    If you purchased the original system from SafeMart and got Plug and Protect with your order we will have all of you sensor information on file. With that information we would be able to re-download all the sensors onto the Simon XTi and you would not have to do any programming on your end. If that is not the case then, yes you would have to program all the sensors into the XTi manually. We do have a video on help center on how to Add Sensors into the XTi. If you have any further questions or would like to go ahead and upgrade you can contact us at 1-800-628-6093. Thank you for choosing SafeMart and have a wonderful day.

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