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    Wesley Patterson

    I viewed the excellent and very well done video about how to connect a TG-1 Express to a panel, but my TG-1 Express installation is a little different.  I am using the SLIC with a RJ45 jack on the TG-1 end and spaded connections on the panel end for both phone connection and power connection.  Connecting the phone line is no problem, as the "R" and "T" terminals are clearly marked on the panel for the red and green leads.  To which terminals should I connect the power wires?  The TG-1 Express installation manual just says to "connect the orange and blue leads to the GND and PWR terminals of the alarm panel respectively". Well, my panel doesn't have any terminals simply labeled GND and PWR.  Should I connect to the same terminals that provide power to the keypad (COM AUX PWR - and POS AUX PWR +)? Or to some other set of terminals?  Or should I connect directly to the battery as shown in the video?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    LiveWatch Security

    Hi Wesley,

    I would like to make sure I am giving you the proper information, can you tell me the make and model of the alarm panel you are connecting this TG1 to?

    Generally we do not require connection to the Gnd and Pwr terminals on the main control panel, when purchased from SafeMart the TG1 is powered completely off of the back up battery and the ''push pull'' connectors required to make this connection are included with the TG1.

    The only connections you should have to make on the alarm panel itself should be the phone line to T and R.

    Let us know if you have any other questions, have a great day!

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    Tom Eavenson

    I can see how to make the technical connection here, but what codes will I need to re-program in the Vista to allow it to use the UAB? I see in another chain that the GSM module codes require activation of the "Long Range Radio" options, but I'm guessing that since this connection is attaching via phone jack that it will be different? (but won't be the same as a land line dial out).. 

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    LiveWatch Security


    You will need the installer code (some call it the programming or utility code) in order to access programming and enter in the necessary information. The fields that need to have values in them are: 

    • *41: a (11) digit value needs to be in here to represent a phone number, so 1+area code and number. It doesn't matter what number is entered in as the system simply needs to see a value here equivalent to the length of a phone number and will not be dialing the number entered.

    • *43: a (4) digit number needs to be entered in here to represent the account number, again, it does not matter what four digits are entered in here. 

    • *48 typically should be set by default but if you were to set this you would enter in (7)(7) to enable CID reporting format.

    • Lastly you can set *64 to (1)(0) and enable phone test, this will allow us to test the radio communication without having to set off an alarm.

    That is all that is required to make the TG1 communicate, obviously we have have activate the module from our end and that is done during the activation appointment.

    Let us know if you have any further questions, have a great day!

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