What group number should I enter when adding a sensor?



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    Michele Latorre

    I have been trying to figure out what we are doing wrong when programming our sensors. We want to arm all at night, go upstairs and in the morning be able to come down the stairs and disarm the system but certain group numbers either don't trip the motion sensors when coming down the steps or walking around the house while others go off immediately when half way down the steps. HELP ! Right now my motion detectors are set on 17... If we have to use a key fob to disable them then so be it but I want them to go off immediately if someone gets in the house or basement through a window. Do they make a touchpad that we could use at the top of the stairs?? Im so frustrated with this new unit. The manual gives no details.. Thanks

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    LiveWatch Security

    Hi Michele,


    When you arm all, if the motion detectors are programmed into group 17, they will trigger the alarm immediately if someone walks past them and they catch movement. If a delay door is opened and then you walk past a motion detector, it will wait for the delay from the door first. You may try testing the motion detector to make sure it catches movement where you need it to if this is not happening. There is a touchscreen that is compatible with the Simon XT and Simon XTi that can be used for arming and disarming, otherwise you can use a keychain remote with most GE systems. We also do have several manuals online that you can reference depending on the model of the alarm system that you have.


    Have a great day!

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