What do I need to Activate My DIY System?



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    Don Ghiz

    Impossible for me to get the GSM 15 feet from router or anything metal.

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    LiveWatch Security

    Hello Don,

         Regarding placement of the cell unit, you will want to avoid large appliances as much as possible. For example, placing this in a utility closet within a few feet of a washer or dryer may cause problems with cell communications. In your case, placing the a few feet from your alarm box would be fine. You will want to avoid placing this on metal surfaces as well (e.g. a filing cabinet, metal desk, etc..).

          Small metal objects would not affect communication. However, when you make changes to the unit's location, we recommend testing the communication and possibly reaching out to our technical support to verify the unit is in a good location. Regards,


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    Steven Warren

    LiveWatch actually shipped me a different external antenna that was also considerably longer on the extension cord length than the standard antenna that comes with the GSMV4G Communicator.

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