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    Mark D Rossi

    Great Question! 

    From 2012 - Is there any answer?

    I have the same problem.

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    LiveWatch Security


    That is indeed a good question! 

    This is typically seen when internal schedules are enabled on the thermostat itself.  The thermostats, as a rule, when using an interface will adhere to the schedules that you set up in  However, the thermostats also have an option, in the event that they are being used without, to have a schedule created on the device itself.  If these schedules are enabled, then they will cross with those in, and you will something like this issue that you're referring to occur.  The solution would be to disable the internal schedules on the thermostat.  To do so on the GE thermostats, look at the top on the left of the screen, and you will see the time, and typically "Day" or "Night."  If you see either of these, then the internal schedules are enabled.  To disable them, simply press and hold the PROG button on the thermostat until you see the time and "Day" or "Night" disappear from the screen.

    Let us know if there are any questions on this!

    Thank you again for choosing LiveWatch Security.

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