Honeywell Vista21IP/Tuxedo Touch/5883H Receiver/LiveWatch From Beginning To End



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    Steven Warren

    Attached to this post is a picture I took of my 3-gang electrical box with both outlets and the toggle switch wired and mounted.  I will be receiving my coverplate later in the week at which point I hope to get it painted and prepare the desired decals.  For this project, I will be using Yellow spray paint and Clear Gloss spray paint as shown in the attached image.  I will also be using some transparent iron on paper (I will be not be heating the paper though).  And last I will be using a Dymo label printer with clear film/black letter cartridge.

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    Steven Warren

    Update 12/8/2015

    So after moving the GSMV4G Cellular Communicator on to its own transformer on the new electrical box, I started getting supervisory message failure and restore messages about 1-2 minutes apart continuously.  This neccessitated my putting the entire system into a 30 day test mode until LiveWatch was able to ship me a new 1361 Honeywell transformer which was backordered 2 weeks.

    Once I got the transformer, I swapped it in and powered up the system, but left it in test for the time being.  I also had to silence the alarm due to the low battery alarm which I expected after 2 weeks of being unplugged.  24 hours later though, the system was still reporting "System Low Battery".  I called LW support and after one of the reboots, the battery alert resolved itself, but once again, I was left with the previous Supervisory message failure/restore issue.

    After working with LiveWatch, Honeywell and AlarmNet, it was determined the cause is likely a failed communicator again.  So LiveWatch will be shipping a new iGSMV4G Dual-Path Cellular Communicator per my request so that I can enable my cable internet to be primary, and the cellular the redundant path.

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