How to hardwire a siren to the Simon XTi



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    Bob Roesner

    My Simon XTi panel does not have the following menu option:

    • Click on "System Options"
    • press on "HW1 Function", and select Exterior Siren" and press "Save"

    Under "system options" there is no HW1 Function, I have the siren wires hooked up, but do not have the Menu option to select.  So how do I activate the hardwired siren?



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    Dustin Schrader

    Hello Bob,

    Thank you for contacting SafeMart. In order to access the menu above you have to have the "Dealer Code" for the system. 4321 is the default "Dealer Code" on the system but it is changed when we pre-program it. I will email you your "Dealer Code" to your personal email. Again I want to thank you for contacting SafeMart and have a wonderful day.

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