My IQ Panel Froze. How Do I Fix This Problem?



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    Mattana Suansawang

    It is very helpful and it solves the problem for me.

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    John Tetreault

    Solved the problem, but it shouldn't happen in the first place. My home was unprotected all day (from 10:32am when the panel froze up until i arrived home after work), with no notification that the system wasn't communicating with the monitoring center. Not acceptable

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    Marcia Olson

    John, I agree! I don't know how long my home was unprotected today. No notification, no nothing. I called a while ago to ask them to fix it and was told there would be an after-hours fee for a tech to call me. REALLY??  Then I found this article and it seemed to fix it. But why didn't they notify me as soon as it stopped working? Doesn't give me that warm fuzzy feeling of being protected . . .

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    Marc Ballard (Edited )

    I've had LiveWatch for a whole month now and this occurred at a second home...not a good start to the program

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