How can I get the garage door sensor to work properly?



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    Neal Janzen

    I should note, that I have taken great care in making sure the darn thing is absolutely level both horizontally and vertically. I can't be going out into the garage and "tapping" the darn thing to get it to work properly.

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    Brandon Sirochman

    I have had my garage sensors for 8 weeks and one of mine has started to do the same thing.

    Is there a defect with this sensor? I also dont want it going off at 2am like it did last night.

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    James Townsend

    Has tech support offered a solution?  I see nothing.

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    Neal Janzen

    Yes, Tech support sent a new, totally different unit.  Much larger and it  has some sort of crystal in it? Check with Anthony in tech support and he will explain.

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    Anthony D

    Hi All,


    The alternative to the standard garage door sensor is to connect a hardwire switch to a crystal contact. The part number for a crystal contact is GE 60-362-10-319-5. This sensor has 2 terminals to which you would connect the hardwire switch.  The picture below shows the basic concept.



    The green and yellow wires are from the hardwire switch, the three metal prongs at the top have a black jumper that needs to be removed to have the hardwire switch work. Also note that the yellow wire has a 4.7 Kohm resistor attached to it. The crystal contact would be mounted about a foot away from the door and the switch would be mounted on the door itself. However, it is important to note that both pieces of the switch need to be level in order for this to work. The switch would be mounted the same way as a standard (2 piece) micro sensor. By using this solution, the crystal contact would act as a wireless transmitter for the switch. The switch would give the actual open and close readings.

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    Larry Slater

    I have been having the same issues. It went off at 4am last night and we found nothing wrong. We reset it and it went off 40 minutes later and again found nothing wrong. Is this fix being offerd as a replacement to what we have already purchased since the current garge door sensor does not wrok properly?

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